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Dmitry Kozinenko

I perceive design as a harmonic balance between two approaches in creation of products. On the one hand, an item is created for a person and should serve him/her without causing any difficulties or dissatisfaction, on the other the process of its creation is an art and involves intellectual search, an expression of a certain idea through the perspective of one`s own inner world.

Lugerin Igor

I focused on natural materials – wood, stone, metal. I appreciate and  apply to my work a combination of traditional craft and modern technologies. Minimalistic forms and functionality of the WOO make it a thriving alternative for both living and public spaces.

Kateryna Sokolova

Good design is a mix of three ingredients: simplicity, functionality and passion.

Sergey Gotvyansky

A piece of furniture for me is what I feel.
The way of expressing my thoughts and emotions.