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WOO at Salone del Mobile, Milan

Hall 24 (f02 – f04)

Rho Fiera


Download photos http://bit.ly/3ZDL4JL

WOO is a furniture design company that specializes in laconic sculptural shapes and playful objects. Their products are designed to evoke a range of emotions, from wonder and delight to curiosity and excitement.

Since its establishment in 2015 in Kyiv, Woo has been committed to producing high-quality and original design products. Woo products are inspired by a love for exploration, a connection to the inner child, and a desire to make the world a brighter place, which made a powerful message during the war in Ukraine.

At this year’s Salone del Mobile, Woo will present six products designed by the talented Ukrainian designer Dmytro Kozinenko. These unique pieces showcase their passion for bold and innovative design.

Play Armchair

Winner of the Best of Year Design Awards

Design by Dmytro Kozinenko


Play armchair has an unusual shape that was assembled from several geometric elements. The bagel-shaped detail serves the back of the chair. Our designer Dmytro Kozynenko established contact with his inner child to create such an emotional, sincere, and playful object. ‘Play’ is an accent object that attracts attention and makes every interior unique and provokes interaction.


The shape was inspired by the children’s game where you have to throw the ring accurately to get it hooked to the vertical barbell. Also, it resembles a mental puzzle where several circles are connected and you have to find the right angle to separate them. 

Children driven by the desire to win games are unstoppable. It is an incredible feeling when you are totally absorbed by some task and put everything into achieving success. We also can feel that powerful motivation when we work on some exciting task. For me, it is finding new shapes in furniture design. shares the designer.

Materials: plywood frame, polyurethane foam, textile upholstery

Drova Poufs

Honoree of the Best of Year Design Awards

Design by Dmyto Kozinenko


When I came to visit my parents who live in a village in Western Ukraine, I noticed how carefully my father puts wood next to the woodstove. Three sticks along, three sticks across repeated again and again. It makes a perfect stable construction. This simple rhythm looks aesthetic and cozy. – said designer Dmytro Kozinenko about his inspiration source.

Drova pouf is a basic and functional thing that remains traditional benches in public parks, match houses we built in childhood, and also pails of firewood in Carpathian cottage.  

Its shape is designed in such a way that it is convenient to move them by placing your hand in the slit between panels.

Fits public and residential spaces. There are small and medium poufs that can be creatively combined with each other.

Materials: plywood frame, polyurethane foam, textile upholstery

Loop Pouf

Design by Dmytro Kozinenko


The tricky shape of this object gets people thinking for a moment. What kind of furniture is it? How to interact with it? How to sit and what is the right place for it in the interior?

Loop has an asymmetric shape and three fulcrums. It is an accent eye-catching object that is always a focal point of the space. Two round discs are turned perpendicular to each other. There is no seatback on the original meaning, but you can find your own way to sit on it. It calls you for interaction and experiments. It is the kind of game where you have endless variants to explore.

Loop can be used in private and public interiors. Groups of them look great in hotel lobbies, halls, or exhibition lounges

Materials: plywood frame, metal legs, foam rubber, textile upholstery

Full Fill Mirror

Design by Dmytro Kozinenko


Full Fill mirror was inspired by the creativity of surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. The mirror, like a liquid substance, flows out of the frame and creates an entrance into the new reality.  

The base has the shape of a truncated cone that is covered with fabric. It allows matching the mirror with the furniture upholstery in the same room to design an interior in a single color palette.

The line consists of the full-length floor model and the shorter wall model. The floor model has a tiny hidden shelf between the mirror and the wall.

Materials: plywood frame, textile upholstery, mirror

Fox Barstool

Design by Dmytro Kozinenko

The main feature of the “Fox” bar stool is its soft back leg, which distracts the animal’s tail. The frame is made of painted metal, plywood and polyurethane foam are used in the details. There are two options for setting – bar and counter stool.

Materials: plywood, metal, foam rubber, fabric